Junior Golf

Most agree the best time to get started in this great game is when you are young. We are the Family Friendly Club in New Smyrna Beach. As long as kids can keep pace there are no restrictions on when they can play. Our New Smyrna Beach golf course is walking friendly and there are no time restrictions when kids can walk. We take junior golf seriously!

We have all the programs and facilities to get the kids involved and excited about golf. During the summer we offer junior camps for kids ages 6-16. Throughout the year junior clinics are available on Saturdays. In the fall we have a Middle School Golf Team and an Elementary School Golf team.  The teams practice once a week to further their development and provide competition for kids wanting to play golf at the high school level.

The Hidden Lakes Junior Golf Academy!  

Summer 2017 Junior Golf Academy: Click Here for More Info & Registration!

This program is based on the U.S. Kids Learning Program.  It is a structured program designed to easily learn the basic fundamentals of the game.  The program consists of three levels, numbered 1 through 3. We will use various games to keep learning fun, while ensuring the challenge meets the skill level of the each child.   As junior golfers progress through the program, the difficulty increases.

At each level the focus is on specific fundamentals and skills.  At higher levels the fundamentals are expanded upon to provide a true building block approach to learning.  To pass from one level to the next, the junior golfer must pass a series of 5 checkpoints which focuses on the skills learned and developed.  The 5 core areas of the program include putting, around the green, full swing, knowledge, and scoring.  An achievement pin is awarded each time a checkpoint is completed.

To meet our goal of creating passionate junior golfers, we have designed a summer-long program with sessions two times a week which will last at least 1.5 hours each.   We realize how busy kids and families are these days.  Each session will cover putting, full swing, and around the green and/or some on course activities.  It is no problem if you miss a session as we will work on the core fundamentals at each session.  Not to say each session will be the same because we will use different games and activities to keep it interesting.

A junior golf membership is a great gift to your children. They can play an unlimited amount of golf and have access to a great practice facility with complimentary range balls. Junior discounts are also available for daily play.  The cost of a junior membership is $300 for the year or $100 for May 1st - August 31st.

Kids Play Free from May 1st - December 31st with a paying adult!